The Alabama Department of Senior Services (ADSS) operates an elder abuse prevention program in conjunction with the Long Term Care Ombudsman program to prevent elder abuse. The Alabama Department of Human Resources and the Bureau of Health Provider Standards (BHPS) within the Alabama Department of Public Health have the responsibility for investigating occurrences and allegations of elder abuse. Any reports of abuse (or suspected abuse) received by ADSS are promptly turned over to the Department of Human Resources and BHPS.



Alabama’s Elder Justice and Advocacy Program is operated by the Alabama Department of Senior Services (ADSS). Through this program, ADSS has the responsibility to empower, protect, and advocate on behalf of the state’s aging population. This program provides education and awareness, to seniors, their caregivers, professionals, and the general public of the rights of elders, elder abuse prevention, and economic security issues.


In collaboration with the Department of Human Resources and the Attorney General’s Office, ADSS established the Alabama Interagency Council for the Prevention of Elder Abuse. Its mission is to strengthen partnerships to protect elders and raise awareness of elder abuse issues through education, advocacy, and outreach.


For more information on the Elder Justice and Advocacy Program:

Phone: 334-242-5743

Toll-Free: 877-425-2243



Reports can be made anonymously



The following departments can be contacted to report abuse


Department of Human Resources - Adult Protective Services

To report Elder Abuse call the Adult Abuse Hotline at 800-458-7214


Alabama Department of Public Health

To report abuse in nursing home call 800-356-9596

To report abuse in an assisted living facility call 800-873-0366



Alabama Attorney General's Office of Consumer Protection

To report scams call 800-393-5658




Elder Abuse